Belgium-Turkish Wedding couple

On the 10th of June 2013, Istanbul Events was the local Wedding Planner of Noemie and Ersin.

On this date this lovely couple Noemie and Ersin got married at Cubuklu, Istanbul.

Please look at the pictures and let them to speak!

Lots of Love, happiness and health to you both!


"Working with Fidan was not just about hiring a wedding planner, Fidan did much more than planning our wedding, she was like our maid of honor. She supported us during our journey as a friend and sister! She has been very much supportive during the whole preparation process. She was investigating and gathering all the necessary information and knew very well when to “step in” to give good advice and when to “step out” to let us take the decision as a couple, respecting our personality. Besides, Fidan is the best negotiator we have ever met!!!! This allowed us to stay within the initial budget agreed, avoiding any bad surprise after the wedding! We have appreciated her dedication in satisfying our wishes and answering our concerns. She really understood our needs and put all the effort and energy to help us in the achievement of our dream. Even when it was very complicated such as getting a priest and imam together: Fidan contacted all the French speaking priest of Istanbul to help us in realizing our dream! She has been committed as of the first day until the wedding (and even after) to make this day the most beautiful day of our life! Definitively we recommend Fidan as a wedding planner, without hesitation! She will put all effort possible to make this day the most beautiful day of your life! We already agreed that Fidan will organize our 10 year anniversary in 2023 in Istanbul ;)) Fidan and Ralph: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness and support in the organization of this magical day! "
Noemie and Ersin
Wedding Couple,Noemie and Ersin